Another post by one of our guests depicting her experience of our chaotic and yet beautiful Delhi.

Sophee Smiles

Sometimes, things don’t go to plan for a reason. Life stops you in your tracks and forces you to take a break. That’s exactly what happened to Ben and me during our time in Delhi. We had grand plans to plough through our next bunch of visa applications whilst in India’s administrative capital. Unfortunately, we were a little too idealistic for our own good.

While Pakistan visas were surprisingly easy to get hold of, our China visas were declined due to our unique mode of travel (a private, overland vehicle). Ben brought all of his loveable charms to the yard and I argued with logic, but the Chinese embassy wasn’t budging on their decision. We later discovered very few foreigners had their visas approved in Delhi due to tensions between India and China. If only we’d known that sooner!

While Ben and I played the pointless waiting game, five days eventually turned into two weeks. Before we knew it, Delhi was…

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delhi dispatch

A good post by one of our favourite guests. I am glad that the hardwork we put into our place pay off well.

temps detente

Here I am, at IGI Airport T3 for the 4th time this month, having been successfully ripped off one last time, albeit to a lesser degree than my hotel would have liked. It feels like an appropriate way to end my 10-day sojourn in this colorful, hot, bustling, smelly, wonderful country.

Let’s get the low point out of the way: Hotel Airport Land in Mahipalpur, the district across from the airport that’s teeming with cheap accommodations for those in transit. I booked one night at this place after extensive research. It had decent reviews and at 800 Rs a night (plus tax), how could I say no? SHOULD’VE SAID NO. Though the room itself was as advertised, nothing else was, most importantly the wifi (which worked for maybe 30 minutes total) and the “free” airport shuttle. They tried to charge me 400 Rs for pick-up, and another 300 for drop-off……

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Delhi. How you surprised me.

This a blog about a single female traveller from Europe travelling in India with Delhi being the starting point. She describes Delhi very well and continues to talk about various scams that she endured without getting actually scammed.

The scams ranged from people trying to stop her from getting into the train station from where she could book her train tickets using the Foreign Tourist Quota to people trying to sell her stuff on the street to a so called Psychic who read her handwriting and offered her psychic help (for money) to eradicate the problems she faces in life.

Even though there was so much she experienced, she went back with fond memories of Delhi. Our city has a method in madness which keeps it together. Do come here and experience first hand yourself. You can always start at our Hostel in Delhi which is centrally located amongst all the madness.

Rise and Shine, Paps

So, I arrived in Delhi. Or, rather, I was hit smack bang in the face by Delhi after around 18 hours travelling. It’s what people say. India, culture shock. Loud, noisy, smelly, dirty, bright, colourful and lots of people, animals and litter. Which, if you’re not used to it or haven’t been anywhere like it before, can be a bit of an assault on the senses. All of them.

And it’s exactly that. Like a punch in the face, you know you’re in Delhi.

It’s loud and noisy: scooters, rickshaws and cars are all beeping their horns. Constantly. Street sellers are shouting, people are shouting.

It’s smelly: all kinds of smells. Walking down a small part of one street I can smell spices, incense, food, sewage, animals and rotting food, all one after another.

It’s dirty: there is litter everywhere. Mud, crap you name it, it’s there. There are open…

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I don’t wanna hate people, but it is impossible not to hate rickshaw drivers

Rickshaw drivers are a big nuisance in India. This is a story of a person who stayed in India for almost one year and ended up hating the rickshaw drivers. The story is the same all over India.

There Will Be Asia

Had just my first real fight to the death with a rickshaw driver which ended up I had to pay nearly 600 rupees extra not to get the police involved or myself killed. To be honest, even how convenient they are, I really, really, really hate rickshaw drivers (except the 1% of them I met that I think are good people in their heart).

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Tips on how to avoid and heal stomach infections

While travelling to developing countries food infections are major cause of distress. They not only spoil the holiday but cost you a lot of money and time. Money is wasted in seeing doctors and the amount of time wasted while staying on bed is a big problem. Wouldn’t it be better you travel rather than lye on the bed waiting to recover. If you are travelling with a companion, his/her holiday too is spoilt.

This article contains some information and tips on how to avoid the dreaded Delhi Belly also known as stomach infection and food poisoning. You will get some decent advice on how to cope with this situation. Read the compelete article and do come back and leave us a review so that this article can be improvised.

The link is to the article is here Read here.

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Buying mobile connection in India

Buying of mobile connections in India has become a bit of a nightmare lately, especially after 9-Nov-2012. A new government regulation has made it mandatory that your credentials be physically and orally  verified by the telecom companies before activating the mobile Sim cards. This is applicable for all types of connections, both Prepaid and Postpaid. The normal process takes about 2-3 days, wherein your passport, Visa and photograph are required. Get complete details about it from here. Info on Buying Mobile Connections in India (Click the link).

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Implications of Diwali in India in 2012

Implications of Diwali in India in 2012

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Guys, this will be a quick post. Diwali festival in India is coming on 13-Nov-2012. This has several implications for travelers travelling in India.

Intercity Travel: First the trains will be full full full…you will not have seats available. Even the flights will be overbooked. This is due to the fact that people are either going to their home towns or are coming back from their hometowns. If you are in India, during that time, please plan ahead and book tickets ahead of time.

Within City Travel: During this time, many people exchange gifts before the festival. This is a tradition which has been going on since ages. It is as big as Christmas of Europe. People are practically on city roads trying to visit their friends and family for either exchanging gifts or partying. Same is the case of most of the highways / motor ways. If you are booked for a city tour, you will have to plan for traffic jams on the road.

Air Pollution: During this time a lot of people light up candles and especially fire crackers. It is custom in every household in India to burn fire crackers. Now you can imagine if the entire country is burning fire crackers, where will the pollution levels go (only higher). Especially for asthamatic people it can be very difficult.

Noise Pollution : The noise pollution with the fire crackers is very high. Lot of people burst crackers till late which makes it very noisy. The noise pollution is at its peak on Diwali days. So please be prepared. More such articles on Smyle Inn Resources page.

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